About Vic Romita

Vic Romita has over 30 years of success as an executive, sales leader, sales leadership coach, and professional educator. Vic’s broad range of capabilities and his approach to selling has helped make the sales teams with which he has worked highly successful. His personal mission is to coach sellers and sales leaders to help them become trusted advisors who collaborate with clients to solve critical business problems and help improve client businesses’ results.


When corporations work with Vic, they benefit from his expertise in developing, training, and coaching successful sales teams. He teaches sellers better ways of collaborating with their clients that generate new business and expand existing business. In addition, he helps sales managers more effectively lead sales teams, which ultimately maximizes client business outcomes and seller performance. Vic does this by coaching sellers and sales leaders in the pursuit of real business opportunities. He also develops learning experiences, such as role-playing exercises, to help sellers and sales leaders practice better ways of collaborating with clients.