"Innovation, Passion, Motivation, Inspiration; describe Vic Romita. I have spent >35 years in industrial automation solution sales and consider myself a lifelong student of the game. Vic is one of the best leaders I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He led out account team to develop the most differentiated and compelling client engagement I have ever participated in. His Spartans program is visionary and pragmatic; recognizing that development of effective sales skills require ongoing learning and reinforcement."

Tom B.

"Vic Romita is a talented sales coach. He bring experience and perspective that many others lack. And when you combine his presence, sharp wit, and delivery skills in a classroom environment, you get high impact learning. I had the pleasure of working with him at least once per month, for a number of years, collaborating on content development, coaching and sales enablement. He makes everyone better, including me! Importantly, he is also a Certified Corporate Storytelling Coach, which rounds out his skills in persuasive message coaching for high stakes sales presentations. Vic gets the highest endorsement from me and I am honored to provide a reference at any time."

Cheryl C.

"I had the opportunity to be part of “The Way To Sell” Training program that was led by Vic. Vic is one of the most talented facilitators I have every worked with. Having worked as a platform trainer for many years, I have an appreciation for this skill set. Vic has tremendous passion for training, and it is clearly visible and infectious. Vic’s storytelling approach to sales is absolutely spot on and had made a tremendous difference in our firm as we engage clients.

Vic’s coaching and leadership helped build skills and confidence dramatically in all participants. He is a real talent that allows individuals to make a permanent and positive change to in a very short time span. He would be a valuable asset in any client facing organization."

Paul T.

"Vic led the course for “Way to Sell” which I attended. I quickly learned how Vic is just a priceless asset to any company.

By the end of the week course we had with Vic, myself and others had grown in our skills and confidence dramatically. This is a real talent and skill to make such a permanent and positive change to people in such a short time.

Vic is one of the most personable people I have ever met, with his anecdotes and personal stories he used to help us learn sticking in my mind years later.

Vic's interpersonal skills are unparalleled with him being able to adapt his style to each individual to be able to connect and relate.

Thank you so much for all your help in my learning and sales development!"

Melissa F.

"I had the pleasure of working directly for him for a couple of years, and benefited enormously from Vic's strong skills in coaching for business achievement and career planning. His coactive coaching style - before it was even known as such - resulted in improved business results. Watching and listening to Vic is an education in sales, consulting and personnel management - but if you get coached by Vic, there's an exponential return on that education."

Missy S.

A “storyteller” … “what [implied bleep] is that!?”, “really”? Said my wife when I mentioned we were engaging Vic on our effort. Vic – I have to admit I had my reservations as well, but after working this effort with you they are gone. It was like we had to produce a 90-minute movie followed by 70 minutes of improv in a press conference with critics. All we had was a rough script, the characters and the costumes… but no real plot or flow. With you as our director, win or lose, I believe you optimized all the pieces to tell our story and drew upon our actors to play their parts while being confidently authentic. I am still amazed at how you understood what we needed to say, talking time to listen to all the nuances, and could put yourself into each character’s shoes to demonstrate a vision. The sign of a great director! You mixed the science of business & technology with the art of storytelling. Thank you!

Shawn J.

Keeping this recommendation brief and to the point in honor of Vic's training. Vic was the Director of the sales training program "the CSC way to sell." It was the best sales training I have had and Vic was the architect. I have had Dale Carnegie, help the client succeed, challenger, and TAS sales training over the years. Vic managed a group of 50 sales guys that thought they knew it all with grace and skill. The training was 90 hours in 4.5 days, this group albeit behaved, got a little cranky. ?

Kevin V M.

"I had the opportunity to be part of a Sales Training program that was led by Vic. It was a comprehensive training and Vic did a fantastic job as the lead trainer. He is charismatic and his passion for training is clearly visible. It is not easy to teach old dogs new tricks, but he taught us sales veterans more than a few tricks that I'm sure will make us armed and dangerous ?

Thank you, Vic for sharing your expertise and knowledge. All the very best!"

Vikram S.