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Romita Solutions LLC is a consultancy that assists corporate clients with sales leadership development in Baltimore, MD. Reach out to us when you are ready to take your team’s performance to the next level. Our sales associate development programs teach sellers how to create value for customers through professional development exercises, role-playing activities, soft-skills training, and more. Our CEO, Vic Romita, is connected to the following organizations:


esellas - With their digital-first, buyer-friendly approach to sales strategy, revenue generation, and pipeline management, you can expect higher win rates, faster cycle times, and a 2-3X greater return on selling costs within 12 months.

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Articulus - Formed in 1999 to help business professionals use communication to transform people and thus help them to take action on complex or intangible ideas. We create Corporate Storytellers who can sell complex deals more effectively. We create Corporate Storytellers that can lead a transformation in their company. We create Corporate Storytellers that use communications to persuade people to action. We create Corporate Storytellers that Get to the Point!

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TRACOM - Social Intelligence is Business Intelligent. TRACOM offers comprehensive soft skills training programs for businesses and organizations. Our programs improve Versatility, EQ, Resilience, and Agility by adapting the way people Think, Act, and React for optimal success in the workplace.

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ExecuLiv - World-class coaching on the drivers of sustained performance for company leaders. Mental focus. Emotional resilience. Physical health. Social balance. Leadership acumen. All to meet the challenges of today’s evolving business environment and accelerate success in the new decade.