Apples and Oranges

“Everyone who has ever been through a job interview has been asked this question. Every one of us who is or has been in a client-facing role has also been faced with that question. Differentiation is one of the most critical aspects of a sales strategy. Many studies verify that people make choices based upon differences rather than similarities. We all want to be chosen, and, typically, if a potential buyer does not understand how our differentiators warrant our selection, we state and restate those differentiators in as many ways as possible. In our traditional marketing efforts, we have our differentiators called out in a brightly-colored box on our business cards, proposals, white papers, and every PowerPoint slide we create. Our traditional marketing strategy is based upon shouting it louder and more often in commercials, advertisements and brochures. We know that rarely works, so where do our differentiators really come from?”

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These articles were originally published by Vic Romita. Vic is the President and CEO of Romita Solutions LLC. Romita Solutions LLC helps your company build trusted business relationships with your clients by developing sellers and sales leaders capable of solving critical client business problems yielding better business results. Follow him on Twitter @VicRomita.
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